Monthly Archives: December 2017

Fronter and Scratch Junior

Sharing the learning-P6/7 worked together to share and enhance their ICT skills using Fronter and Scratch Junior. Last year Primary 6 worked with the AmmA centre and engaged in a Scratch Junior Project. This year Mrs Comaskey decided they would share their skills with primary 7 .  A really successful  and enjoyable day for both p6 and 7 children

Bathing a baby in nursery

This week we were bathing the babies in the water tray. Mrs Smyth was shocked when she saw us letting go of the babies in the bath and being rough with them when we were drying them, so she asked her sister Paula to take her baby into our nursery and show us how to bath a baby properly. Paula showed us how to

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Big Bed Time Read For Nursery Pupils

The countdown is on for the ‘Big Bedtime Read’. It will take place on Monday 4th December at 6:30pm in the Nursery classroom. Please take your child with you as this session will include a fine motor skill play session followed by a bedtime story. The session will end with a cup of hot chocolate for the children and light refreshments for all adults.

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