Our Ethos


The vision for St. Patrick’s School is to remain faithful to living the Gospel; therefore the Curriculum and Pastoral Care, in all aspects, will reflect the fact that Christ is the foundation of all school life and community.  Each child will be assisted in developing morally, socially, emotionally, physically and academically as part of our school family during their time in St. Patrick’s.

We also aim to develop self-respect in our children, to teach them to respect each other and to respect peoples of all religions, races and ways of life.  Our vision will continue to develop in an environment where all governors, staff, parents, children and volunteers can work together for the successful achievement of the school’s overall aims and objectives.


By virtue of its Christian ethos, St. Patrick’s Primary School and Nursery Unit under the leadership of the Principal and staff shows no distinction between peoples of different gender, race, religion, cultural background, or ability.  Full learning opportunities are open to all pupils and the children are nurtured in self-respect for all peoples. We warmly welcome children from outside Ireland to our School family.

We have, in St. Patrick’s, a dedicated staff of Teachers and Ancillary Personnel as well as Voluntary Helpers who have a strong sense of loyalty to our school and its goals and who work untiringly for the good of all the children.  The pupils show a healthy sense of ‘belonging’ to the school community; they recognise the importance of high standards of work, behaviour and courtesy.  Confidence and self-esteem are promoted strongly through a range of curricular and extra curricular activities and the pupils are encouraged to value one another and express their own views while appreciating the views of others.  The pupils and staff are encouraged in their efforts and expectations through a high level of affirmation, appreciation and success.

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the work of their children and are given many opportunities to participate in the life of the school (Class Prayer Services, Voluntary In-School Support, Concerts, Fundraising Activities, Sports Day, Community linked activities etc.) The school premises are made attractive by the high standard of the children’s work displayed in the foyer, corridors and classrooms as well as the ongoing refurbishment of the school building and grounds, thus creating and maintaining a stimulating environment for staff and children. Furthermore the use of Premises by Community and Parish groups and organisations is actively encouraged throughout the School Year and during periods of school closure.