School Policies

Please find below important documents and information about our school:.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy August 2017

Pastoral Care Policies

All matters of discipline are set in the context of the School’s Pastoral Care Programme, the approach being positive, constructive and encouraging. It is the policy of the school to create a secure and happy environment, conducive to effective learning and personal development. Our ultimate goal is that our pupils develop responsible attitudes and values, enabling them to become mature and caring adults with a respect for and tolerance of others in society.
This Policy has been drawn up and agreed by all members of staff and Governors. It takes account of the legal requirements as outlined in the Special Education Needs and Disability Order (SENDO)

Pastoral Care Policy Sept 2017


E-safety Policy June 2016

World Around Us Policy 2016

General Policies

Trips Policy September 2017

Use of Reasonable Force Policy Nov 16

Pupil Attendance Policy

Healthy Eating Policy 2016

Drugs Policy 2016

Anti Bullying Policy 2016

Parental Complaints Procedure 2016

First Aid & Administration of Medication Policy 2017

Smoking Policy Nov 2016

School Care Policy Feb 17

Schools Model Disposal Of Records Schedule March 2017

Travel Policy

Head lice Policy 2017

Relationships and Sexuality Policy Feb 2017

Intimate Care Policy 2017

Nursery Policies

Miscellaneous School Forms

Due to a number of our pupils having allergies to nuts, St Patrick’s Primary School and Nursery Unit is a NUT FREE ZONE. Parents must ensure that nuts, peanuts and food containing nuts, e.g. nut yogurts, nut sandwich spreads or cereal bars are not sent in for break or lunch snacks.